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Awnings & Upholstery News: (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Elmira, Ithaca)

Welco has just staffed a full time awning sales representative for Rochester, NY. After a growing demand in awning sales calls from Rochester and Buffalo, Welco has expanded its sales staff to these areas. Welco has been installing and manufacturing awnings in the Rochester and Buffalo areas for years, but this is a major step in becoming a key player. Michael Wells Owner of the Ithaca based company says "Our work is better and our pricing is competitive, that is why we will succeed in these markets".

With demand for our services on the rise Welco Awnings & Upholstery is currently looking for office space in Rochester, NY. The office will serve as a display facility for customers to view fabric samples and provide additional support on our products. The awning manufacturing and fabrication will remain in Ithaca, NY with weekly installs in Rochester.
Recent changes in the industry have increased potential for Welco's entrance into the Rochester commercial and residential canopy market. Total Identity Group, 2340 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road
Rochester, NY 14623 has apparently closed its doors.

New Awning Sales Person in Rochester! Information Coming Soon!

About Awnings:

Fabric Awnings: Fabric awnings add beauty and charm to the exterior of your home. They allow people to enjoy outdoor activities, avoid excessive heat, sun exposure, and rains by controlling the exposure on your deck, window, patio, terrace, or business entrance. The use of shading will also help protect your carpet, furniture, window displays and drapes by blocking UV rays.
Depending on which direction your house faces, awnings can reduce interior temperatures during warm weather between 8 and 15 degrees. This can reduce your air-conditioning energy costs considerably. Awnings can reduce solar heat gain by 65% on south facing windows and 77% on west facing windows.
Fabric awnings can be made in a unlimited array of colors and styles. Popular styles include: traditional open sides (Venetian), traditional with closed sides (Standard Window Awning), Hood Style (Three Steps) dome style, quarter barrel, semi-circular entrance and gable walkway (Bull Nose). Our Awnings are typically made of either acrylic canvas (Sunbrella), Vinyl Coated, or Eradicatable Fabrics. Fabric life varies and can be provided by your representative.
Frames made of steel or aluminum, galvanized and sometimes powder-coated, last virtually forever. Awnings can be stationary, freestanding, or retractable.
Mounting of awnings and canopies varies per location. Please discuss installation with your area representative. Examples of our Awnings.

Awning Basics:

Patio Unit Patio Awning or Canopy: Awnings are an economical way to shade & protect your deck or patio that also adds value, excitement and hours of enjoyment to your home. Whether you're seeking shelter from the sun's intense rays, or simply trying to get more use out of a rainy Rochester summer, you'll appreciate the many unique benefits a patio awning can provide. Patio awnings range in sizes and customers have to option of adding other features such as drop shades, side curtains, lighting and heating elements.
retractable awning Retractable Awnings: Retractable awnings let you take control of the environment on your deck or patio. Welco offer manually operated awnings and electric motorized awnings to fit every home or business. We also offer exterior, vertical roll-up Shades, to protect you from the glare and heat of the sun (or provide privacy). Or shades are perfect for your porch or in front of sliding glass doors or windows. Our fabric Awnings transforms your deck, patio, home or business into a beautiful semi-permanent "outdoor room". A Welco Awning will keep your family and patio furniture cool and protected from hot sun, showers, or harmful UV rays. Yet the awning can be retracted back against your house in less than a minute so you can enjoy full sun whenever you like. Retractable awnings are a wonderful addition but have more maintenance than a fixed awning. A retractable awning should never be left unattended especially with how fast the extreme weather can change in Rochester. Before you leave home always retract your awning. Another important note is that retractable awnings are primarily designed for shade. Retractable awnings are not designed to withstand heavy wind or rain.
window awning Fixed or Pull-Up (Standard Window) Awnings: Window awning are fantastic for the elements we see in Rochester. With the installation of window awnings you can provide privacy, shade, and protection form the elements. Window awnings provide an elegant and prestigious look to any home or business. Window awnings add that flair of the old world combined with the energy saving functionality of today. With the rain in Rochester these awnings provide the additional ability of leaving your windows open on a rainy day or night.
commercial awnings Fixed Commercial Awnings: Commercial awnings proved the exposure your business needs combined with the functionality of an awning. Many of the older building in Rochester and Upstate NY have a façade that is less then eye pleasing. An awning can disguise that façade and provide the color and graphics that your company needs to get exposure. Our "Awning Photo Gallery" provides fantastic ideas of past jobs. All of our awnings are custom so we can provide the look and feel that meets your business needs